Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A flashback...

Yah, so once again it happened...

It was the month of December and my posting as a Central Marketing Manager at HO, Bangalore was going to be responsible for my Golden Quadrilateral. For my next assignment, I was to travel to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, in ten days. And it was really exciting.

Due to the time lines, my itinerary was made in such a manner that I had to catch the early morning flight every other day. It was a chilled Delhi morning when I had to catch a 6 o’clock flight. And I hated doing that. But what to do, no other options!! Never mind, I reached the airport and checked-in around 5 o’clock.

One hour was left and I had a wonderfully huge Delhi Airport to explore. I started checking it out. Very huge entrance, having two big elephant sculptures at a distant place, multiple counters for number of Airlines. Distinctive dress coded staff was in the service for the travelers. Round about 25 security check-ins to deal with at a rush time, and another huge waiting area. Food-court, cafe shops, lounge bars, shopping space and what not. After all it was all-awaited T3.

After getting tired of roaming here and there, my eyes got stuck on a relaxation chair, facing towards the glass wall of the airport building in such a manner that you can see the movements of aircrafts just while stretching your legs on the seat. And so did I. I was very amused, like a child. And that very moment my mind took me back to the days when I used travel with my father, my family. I, and might be everyone, used to walk besides him holding his hand. Looking at to every new thing I used to ask him about and every time with the same affectionate manner he used to explain those things to me. For my each and every 'childish question' he had a satisfactory answer. Even in my school, if I was unable to understand something, back to home he would have the time to answer.

It was only few minutes, but I could travel the years in the past. And suddenly I heard ‘Beeping’ voice coming from the nearby chair. The other person in the chair had set in the pre-fixed alarm to wake him up. But, to me, it was very much like an alarm to get me back to the present. It reminded me about the alarm I used to switch off to avoid going to the school. And on asking by my mother, the same excuse every time – “Ma, alarm didn’t ring only! L” I distinctively remember the efforts my mother used to make to wake me up for the school and similar effort from my side to avoid her giving numerous amount of excuses!!

Now, at this moment the incident was looking like the irony. Earlier my mother had all the worries that I would sleep long hours and miss the school next day and now I’m unable to sleep in the night worrying about missing the flight next morning!!

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Riddhi said...

Throughout the blog i was like 'HOW CUUUUUUTE' :P